Dig the Pig!!
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About the Pig

Who is the JigglyPig?

The Riddler would like to know. But he won’t.

The JigglyPig is an enigma wrapped in a mystery wrapped in a conundrum wrapped in a blanket. All we know is that he saves us. Saves us money. (And he wears a mask, a cape, a little shirt –it might be a big bra- and underpants. And he’s handsome. And he’s yellow. And he wears little booties.)

He provides precious comic-books to the hungry – hungry for stories, hungry for histories (or hers), for art, for morality, ideals, drama, comedy, posturing, spandex, underpants as over-pants, the sublime and the ridiculous. He completes collections; he begins collections. He provides the means by which we escape reality (legally), or by which we reconsider it (again, legally). And he provides all this at reasonable prices: he fights for kids, big kids, cheapskates and sensible consumers alike; he battles inflation, speculation and the insidious Mark Up. He is the champion of the consumer and the scourge of the rip-off.

He is the JigglyPig. (Or possibly “she,” depending on shirt or bra. Another mystery…)

Who is the Chad Stewart?

Peter Parker would like to know. But he won’t. (Until now.)

Chad is an enigma wrapped in a mystery wrapped in a conundrum wrapped in clothes – unless you ask him anything, then, all is revealed (but the clothes stay on). Unlike his reclusive benefactor, Chad is visible, audible (very), approachable, and wears pants. This allows him to walk among us, representing the Jiggly Pig.

Chad is the CEO of the JigglyPig Comics empire. He is the Lucius Fox of WayneCorp, the acting power of the enterprise, and the public face of the salvation machine. He is the JigglyPig’s right-hand man (Chad’s wife and CFO is the left; nobody is the feet). Chad rules the empire with an iron fist in a velvet glove (a blender accident): he’s tough on prices but soft on people.

He has the business acumen and cunning of Lex Luthor; the magnetic personality of Magneto; the tenacity of Spider-Man’s web; and the willpower of Green Lantern. He will stop at nothing (or very little so far – red lights, don’t-walk signals, stop signs) to enact the JigglyPig’s war on prices. He can be found on-line, by phone and in person: he might be coming to a convention near you (in his Chadmobile). If the JigglyPig were human, he might be Chad Stewart.

He is distinguishable by his insignias: he proudly wears the images of his favourite super-heroes on his arm (including a certain Torontonian hockey-team); he has also sacrificed a fatted calf (his left) to his idol, the JigglyPig.

He is the Chad Stewart. (Tell him “I dig the pig!” See what happens. He might smile, laugh, thank you, roll his eyes, cry, all of the above… Yet another mystery. And let him help save you money.)