Dig the Pig!!
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“I have never met JigglyPig, but he has saved us more money than that Batman guy. I keep hoping I’ll get the chance to thank him myself, but his people never return my calls! He’s a mysterious guy, but his public-relations man, Chad Stewart, he might be the real brains of the team…”

-B. Wayne

“Well, I’m an OK photographer, you know? But the last few years that JigglyPig has been on the scene, I have only ONE snap! I hear he’s in Vancouver for some comic-con. [convention]; the next month, he’s in Calgary! He seems to be spreading his web farther than Spider-man can! J.J. is going to have my butt…”

-P. Parker

“I haven’t been able to dig up anything on this JigglyPig! All I know is that he’s better looking than Superman, and saves everyone more money. And all those comic-books!.. The only reference I have is his friend, Chad Stewart. I think he’s his distributor or something. Oop, sorry, got to go: Lois is calling…”

-C. Kent

“How do you think I got this rich?! JigglyPig has saved me so much money, I could afford to become Iron Man! His guy, Chad Stewart: he’s smooth. Boom. So, Jiggly, if you’re reading, I just want you to know: you’re the pig. Really. Swing by. Black Widow’s dying to meet you! Think about it: spider-pigs…”

-T. Stark

“Great Hera! No, there’s nothing between me and JigglyPig… We’re just friends. Good friends. He helped me find my invisible jet. It’s too bad that his manager, Chad, is taken though. I sometimes wonder if he’s not the real hero… Don’t get me wrong, Jiggly is amazing, but Chad never stops!”

-W. Woman

“Jiggly, hi. I’m a huge fan. Tony’s got my number. Call me? ”

-B. Widow

“I have been keeping an eye on this JigglyPig. He’s no threat to my empire, of course, but he’s upsetting the natural balance of wealth everywhere he goes! Some porcine super-hero is all we need! Cutting cost, crushing competition, controlling conventions… he’s like ME! But with a cape! And that Chad…”

-L. Luthor

“Pig smash! Hulk love Pig.”

-I. Hulk

“Where does he get all those comic-books? This is no joke!”

-Joe Kerr